What Is the Bed Size of a Chevy Silverado?

April 2nd, 2021 by

Exterior view displaying the bed size of the 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Many Woodbury drivers will find themselves asking: “What is the bed size of a Chevy Silverado?” Truck bed sizes depend on which of the different 2021 Chevy Silverado models you select when you’re looking for something to cruise around Eagan in. This depends not only on the Silverado bed sizes but also on the cab sizes. So what is the bed size of a Chevy Silverado truck? Find out with Mauer Chevrolet below.



What are the Silverado Bed Sizes?

To start with, there are three different Silverado truck bed sizes you can select from. Each one comes with different measurements, and different cargo volumes to select from. The different truck bed sizes available are:

Short Bed Dimensions

  • Cargo Volume – 62.90 cubic feet
  • Cargo Box Length (Floor) – 69.92 inches
  • Cargo Box Width (Floor) – 71.40 inches
  • Cargo Box Width (Wheelhousings) – 50.63 inches
  • Cargo Box Area Height – 22.40 inches

Standard BedDimensions

  • Cargo Volume – 71.70 cubic feet
  • Cargo Box Length (Floor) – 79.44 inches
  • Cargo Box Width (Floor) – 71.40 inches
  • Cargo Box Width (Wheelhousings) – 50.63 inches
  • Cargo Box Area Height – 22.40 inches

Long BedDimensions

  • Cargo Volume – 89.10 cubic feet
  • Cargo Box Length (Floor) – 98.18 inches
  • Cargo Box Width (Floor) – 71.40 inches
  • Cargo Box Width (Wheelhousings) – 50.63 inches
  • Cargo Box Area Height – 22.40 inches


Chevy Silverado Cab Sizes

In addition to the three Silverado bed sizes, there are also three cab size choices giving you plenty of ways you can mix and match. However, keep in mind that certain cab sizes have limitations. These cabs include:

  • Regular Cab: Only available on the basic trim level work truck, you’ll find a long bed comes standard with this configuration.
  • Double Cab: Silverado with this cab can only have the standard bed.
  • Crew Cab: The configuration can be had with a standard or short bed to fit your various needs.


Check Out the Chevy Silverado Truck Bed Dimensions For Yourself at Mauer Chevrolet!

Now that you know the answer to what is the size of a Chevy Silverado, you can select the right combination of Cab and Bed that fit your needs. You can also browse the Chevrolet research, to find more information about the Silverado and other vehicles. Don’t forget the best way to experience the Chevy Silverado is in person and behind the wheel, so schedule a test drive by contacting us today.


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