What is the Difference Between Used and Certified Pre-Owned?

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Have you ever wondered what the difference was between CPO vs. used? Well, it’s actually a common question among Eagan drivers, and while both fall into the category of used, there are very important differences between the two. You can find out more about the difference between used and certified pre-owned vehicles, so that Woodbury drivers can find the right car to fit their needs and budget.


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Knowing the Difference Between CPO vs. Used

Used vehicles are vehicles that have been owned by a previous driver, which is obvious. They can vary in a number of ways such as; model year, mileage, previous owners, and more. This is why used cars are priced at a much lower point than new vehicles, but also lower than certified pre-owned vehicles. Some of these prices can go down as low as used cars priced under 10k. There is a benefit to this though for St. Paul drivers, and that is that used vehicles won’t depreciate much more than they already have. A new vehicle will lose up to 40% of its value within the first year.  While these vehicles, some well over 100,000 miles, may seem like a risk you can expect to easily get over 200,000 miles and more on newer model vehicles with routine maintenance. Some things to remember though include:

  • Standard used vehicles are not required by the OEM to be inspected before being sold, and you should approach private sales with caution. Dealerships like Mauer Chevrolet still inspect the vehicle for safety and quality. Any privately sold used vehicle you’re considering should be inspected by a trusted technician and taken for a test drive before making an offer.
  • Always make sure that you discuss any issues in terms of condition and performance that arise, to make sure that they aren’t signs of more serious problems. If you still intend to purchase the vehicle with problems, factor the cost of repairs into your budget.
  • Some cars and SUVs can last more than 200,000 miles with routine service, so a high-mileage used car could well be a good option if you’re on a tight budget, often at a much lower price.


Buying a Certified Pre-owned Vehicle

When you want to know what is the difference between a used and certified pre-owned vehicle, it’s easy to think of CPO vehicles as the middle point between used and new vehicles. Certified pre-owned vehicles have to meet a number of requirements set forth by the manufacturer, as well as pass a thorough inspection by factory-trained technicians. In order to know the difference between a CPO vs. used is that a CPO vehicle must meet:

  • Model year is within five years of the current model year
  • Generally, less than 80,000 miles, sometimes up to 100,000 miles
  • A multi-point inspection
  • Offered with extended warranties and/or limited powertrain warranties

Certified pre-owned vehicles are obviously newer year models, with less mileage. This means that they come with a higher price point, but are still far below the price point of a new vehicle.


Find Your Pre-Owned Vehicles at Mauer Chevrolet

Now that you know what the differences between used and certified pre-owned are, it’s time for you to find the one that best fits your needs or learn more about a lease buyout. Take advantage of our used vehicle specials, which can contain both, and let our finance department find you the best deal possible off of your new-to-you vehicle such as a used Chevy Colorado.

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