Can You Return a Leased Car Early?

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Most Eagan drivers wait until the end of their contract to turn in their leases, but can you return a leased car early? The answer is yes, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Returning a leased car to Mauer Chevrolet is simple, as long as you do a little bit of preparation to get the paperwork in order. Find out all about your end-fo-lease options, and visit us in Inver Grove Heights for all of your automotive needs.

What Should I Bring to My Appointment?

Returning a leased car early is the same process as returning a car on time, and you’ll need to bring the same items with you regardless of when you visit the dealership. So before you drive up from Woodbury, be sure to grab the following:

  • Vehicle inspection report
  • Repair receipts
  • Keys/spare keys
  • Owner’s manual
  • Maintenance records

What if you’ve misplaced any of these items? Some of the items can be looked up at the dealership, like maintenance and repair records, while others are trickier. Feel free to contact us with any questions if you run into any issues.

How Do I Return a Lease?

Returning a leased car early is simple and straightforward. In fact, even if you leased your vehicle from another St. Paul dealership, you can still return it at Mauer Chevrolet for your convenience. 

  1. Visit Inver Grove Heights to drop off your vehicle at our dealership. 
  2. One of our specialists will meet with you and inspect the vehicle for damage, overall quality, and other important factors. 
  3. Our specialist will check your odometer. Extra miles that exceed the mileage restrictions or any wear and tear are subject to penalty fees. 
  4. Once the inspection process of your vehicle is complete, you have three options. You can upgrade to a newer model for a new lease, buy out your current leased vehicle, or walk away and explore our new or used vehicles. 

Is Returning a Leased Car Early Acceptable?

So, can you return a leased car early? In most cases, it isn’t a problem. However, you’ll need to double check with your leasing company. If you return your lease early, you’ll still be responsible for paying off the owed amount – which will include any penalties and other fees. After your car is inspected and turned over to the dealership, you won’t be responsible for the monthly lease payments and you’re free to shop for a new model.

Schedule Your Lease Return with Mauer Chevrolet

Our team makes the leasing process simple and easy, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. Contact us today and set up your lease return in Inver Grove Heights, and we’ll make sure you get in and out of the dealership and back to your busy life.

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