Benefits of Electric Cars

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More and more Eagan drivers are coming to see the benefits of electric vehicles like the Chevy Bolt EV. As the world moves toward more sustainable transportation, electric vehicles will play a key role in reducing emissions and our reliance on fossil fuels. What are some of the main benefits of electric cars?



Environmental Benefits of Electric Cars

  • Electric cars have zero tailpipe emissions, meaning no pollution while driving.
  • Overall, expect lower emissions than gas vehicles in most regions.
  • Widespread adoption will dramatically improve air quality and public health.
  • Transportation accounts for 28% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Electric cars produce less than half the lifetime emissions of gas vehicles.
  • As more renewable energy comes online, the environmental benefits of electric cars will become even more obvious.

Financial Benefits of Electric Vehicles

  • Expect lower maintenance costs since electric motors have fewer moving parts.
  • No oil changes, tune-ups, etc. are needed.
  • Regenerative braking reduces brake wear.
  • Charging at home is more efficient than refueling at gas stations.
  • Though upfront costs are higher, owners save over time with lower operating costs.
  • Tax and utility incentives for driving electric vehicles make these cars even more economical.

Other Important Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Additional benefits of electric cars like the Chevy Bolt EUV include a smooth, quiet ride, instant torque for responsive acceleration, and high safety ratings. Electric cars also typically crank out an amazing amount of horsepower, and as battery costs fall, electric vehicles are becoming more affordable and offering more range capabilities. Many automakers plan to transition to primarily electric fleets over the next 10-20 years.

Check Out the Electric Vehicles at Mauer Chevrolet of Inver Grove Heights

The benefits of electric cars make them a smart choice for many drivers looking to “go green” and save money on transportation costs over the long run. If you’re considering an electric vehicle, come down to Mauer Chevrolet and take a look at our electric inventory. In the meantime, you can learn even more by checking out our post on the Chevy electric lineup. Remember, we’re just a short trip away from St. Paul. So, drop by or contact us today.


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